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Here is how you can help us in providing higher education to talented LGBTQ from around the country.

  • Donate, each penny is important and makes a difference

  • Join, we are always happy to meet new people with great skills.

  • Organize, if you organize events that could be helpful we'll be happy to hear.

  • Gift, you can make gifts to children to help motivate and get success.

  • Want to help and don't know how? Contact us and we'll discuss.

Non-Governmental Organization 

Our movement aims to decrease the rates of poverty all around the world. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible and ensure the bright future for those who are at the breadline. We want to celebrate the lack of hunger, illiteracy, and disease with you.

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 Completed Projects

We have completed many projects together to be proud of.


The core of our success are the most devoted volunteers across the world.

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Millions of people are experiencing chronic hunger. We invest the money you contribute to the organizations around the world to regularly provide food and clean water for extremely poor communities

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Education for all. Regardless of gender and social status, children need to be educated for a brighter future. We build schools and educational industry where it lacks.

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What could be worse than diseases and the inability to have it cured. We cooperate with hospitals to ensure the children in target zones are vaccinated against severe diseases.  

How we spend your donation

When it comes to spending your money we ensure to keep transparency on where a single penny goes and weekly report on the completed projects.

Step 1

First, we collect the money on special bank accounts accessed by only a few trusted people. The expenses are being monthly reported by email to those who donated.

Step 2

We have trustworthy partners across the world who then are being invested the money you donate to double it and manage accordingly. We cooperate with food, textile, educational and medical industries.

Step 3

Finally, we report the completed projects weekly with visual and documental proofs. We care for every penny to serve its goal.


Raising peace is a networking initiative that aims to contribute to the construction of peace. the guarantee of human rights all over the world and to highlight the role that international voluntary service (IVS) plays in the Field.

 Refugee Peace Campaign

The Campaign achieves this through advocating for human rights, non-formal education training and capacity building, empowerment of activists and organizations and through communications and visibility campaign. Raising peace unites and international and regional network from the IVS Movement (WAVAN,NAVO,SEEYN,SCI,NVDA,LCYE,IBO,ALLIANCE) Which coordinated by the LGBTQ DIGITAL NOMAD work together in order to implement the yearly campaign.

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

― Mother Theresa


Whether you want to donate or join us, please contact via this form and we will reach out shortly. 



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